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ELEVATE Your Facility With AFFLINK

Powered by ELEVATE, our proprietary approach to the marketplace, AFFLINK can uncover never-before-seen opportunities and quantify their value to enhance our clients’ overall image, promote a healthy workplace, decrease total costs, increase productivity and satisfy any sustainable objectives they may have.

ELEVATE provides you the analytics to interpret vast quantities of data all at once, turning information into insight so that you can develop conclusive, fact-based strategies to gain a competitive advantage.


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The ELEVATE process  walks you through a step-by-step analysis of your operations:

Client Discovery

ELEVATE uncovers the true needs of your business based on five Universal Business Needs: 1) decreasing total cost, 2) improving health and hygiene, 3) enhancing corporate image, 4) increasing productivity and 5) facilitating sustainability.

Site Needs Analysis

We observe and document the products you are currently using throughout your facility. Using ELEVATE, we recommend innovative product solutions based on your business needs and objectives.

Supply Chain Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your procurement processes, from purchasing and ordering to warehousing and processing.  We can then help identify potential efficiencies and areas of waste in your supply chain.

Workloading Analysis

On average, labor represents 70% of a business’ annual facility maintenance budget. This analysis takes a snapshot of your current labor deployment and processes and identifies opportunities to be more efficient

Solutions Selection

Choose from a recommended set of solutions based on your needs and the quantitative impact it has on your business.




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