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Healthy Building Survey

Myers Facility Supply FREE Healthy Building Survey includes two major audit areas:

1. Evaluation of Your Current Program vs Healthy Cleaning Standards

Learn how your cleaning program stacks up against a formal Healthy Cleaning Standard. This FREE informative evaluation will look at every aspect of your current program to set a baseline.

2. Survey of your Equipment, Products, and Procedures

You'll receive a FREE complete survey of your facility to document equipment, products and procedures currently being used. In addition it provides an evaluation of the condition of your facility.

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Myers Facility Supply Healthy Building Evaluation Tests:

Healthy Building ATP testing
Determines cleaning efficacy

Healthy Building UV Testing
Detects bed bugs, mold, stains, body fluids

Healthy Building UV Testing
Microscopic Inspection

Microscopic inspection includes digital photos of mold, bacteria, dust mites.

Microgloss testing
Microgloss Meter
Measure gloss on marble, wood, VCT, stone

Microgloss testing
Suggestions on improving Indoor Air Quality; prevent Sick Building Syndrome

Healthy Building ATP testing
Carbon Dioxide
Provides indication of air circulation efficacy

Healthy Building ATP testing
Determines indoor humidity deficits; prevent static electricity, drywall cracks

Healthy Building ATP testing
Laser Particulates
Determines amount of respirable-sized particles in air

Healthy Building ATP testing
Air Temperature
Measures consistency, individualized temperature control

Healthy Building ATP testing
Slip and Fall Measurement
Measures compliance to ANSI/NSFI standards for proper traction.
Healthy Building Survey: Products, Equipment, Procedures

Healthy Building ATP testing
Suggests healthier product options based on several industry standards

Healthy Building ATP testing
Health Hazards
Alerts you to products with high levels of toxicity

Healthy Building ATP testing
Rates current practices for vacuuming, use of green cleaning equipment

Healthy Building ATP testing
Paper Products
Suggests options for better environmental, cost choices in paper products

Healthy Building ATP testing
Plastic Products
Suggests better environmental plastic product options; 100% recycled products




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