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Myers Installation equipment dispensers

We Do Installations ... Equipment, Dispensers, Systems.


Myers Supply has factory trained service technicians who quickly and expertly install of a variety of dispensers, equipment and systems. 

Whether it is a hands-free towel dispenser, zero-flush urinals, drain & grease trap dispensers or laundry systems, we do the heavy-lifting to assure your equipment is properly installed and ready for action.

We’ll even train your team on the proper use and safe handling of the products used in the systems.

Ask for our low pricing on installations! Email for a quote or call us at 501.623.7742.


Environmental Services
Restrooms / Misc.
ProBlend Dish Bar glass Wash Warewash equipment Environmental Services Restroom

Laundry Systems
Spotting Stations
Liquid Chemical Systems
Solid Chemical Systems
Spill Containment Systems

Low Temp Dish Machines
Hi Temp Dish Machines
Wash Sinks
Booster Heaters
Warewash Dispensers
Drain & Grease Trap Dispensers
Third Sink Systems

Dilution Control Dispensers
Towel Dispensers
Tissue Dispensers
Air Care Dispensers

Touch free faucets
Zero Flush Urinals
Soap Dispensers
Restroom Partitions
Air Filters



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