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ISSA CIMS Training

CIMS Training: The Standard of Excellence

CIMS brochure downloadCIMS presents the quality management standard for the cleaning industry, a first-of-its-kind tool that may be used as a basis of comparison. Implementation of the Standard’s elements affords an organization a tremendous opportunity to validate its management systems and processes.

Professional, customer-focused cleaning organizations finally have a touchstone resource, a common rallying point around which all members of the industry can gather and work toward achieving an unprecedented level of professionalism and excellence.

Created by the Industry, for the Industry

CIMS and CIMS-GB were created through a true consensus-based process, involving top organizations from the cleaning, facility management, and purchasing communities, in a true collaborative effort representing more than 100,000 industry constituents.

Administered by ISSA® and the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS), CIMS and CIMS-GB focus on the essential elements of a well-run, customer-centered, and sustainable organization.

The means of compliance with CIMS are up to the individual organization for maximum flexibility. Those organizations that wish to achieve certification must undergo a comprehensive on-site assessment by a fully independent and accredited assessor who evaluates the organization’s compliance with the Standard.

Download CIMS standardCIMS application form

CIMS Information Links:

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Certification Process Overview

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CIMS Brochure

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Self-Assessment Compliance Checklist

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CIMS Fee Payment Policy

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CIMS-GB Criteria

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Free CIMS Webinar Available for Facility Service Providers


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