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Infection Control: Bed Bugs

Bed bug brochure

Bedbugs are hardy insects and can go as long as six to 12 months between feedings in times when their food supply is

They commonly are found along the seams of mattresses or box springs, behind headboards, or in other small dark spaces.

When bedbugs bite, people may experience intense itching that can be hard to relieve.

To avoid bedbugs, it is recommended that individuals check their hotel room before unpacking, especially along the seam of the mattress and in the bed sheets and linens. Never put your suitcase on the floor and if you are using the luggage rack in the room, check it thoroughly for signs of bugs. Once home, wash or dry clean your items immediately and check your suitcase for any signs that you have brought the bugs back with you.

Bed bug control is most effective when an IPM approach is implemented with diligent participation by the residents. IPM takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options, including the judicious use of pesticides. Although bed bugs may sometimes be controlled by non-chemical means alone, this approach is often very difficult, potentially less effective, and usually more resource intensive. A comprehensive IPM program to control bed bugs may include a number of methods such as:

  • using monitoring devices,
  • removing clutter where bed bugs can hide,
  • applying heat treatment,
  • vacuuming,
  • sealing cracks and crevices to remove hiding places,
  • using non-chemical pesticides (such as diatomaceous earth) and
  • judicious use of effective chemical pesticides

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