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Intercon Chemical GHS Webinar

Access information on GHS compliance, technical news releases on Enterovirus d-68 and Ebola, and information about secondary labeling.

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ISSA training webinars

ISSA Webinars

Cleaning & Infection Prevention Webinar
This webinar, sponsored by Kaivac, Inc., featured a panel of science, health care, and cleaning experts who discussed the public health threat posed by infectious agents such as
Ebola, Enterovirus D68, and the common flu along with cleaning and maintenance practices that can prevent the spread of such infections. You may view the recorded session and download the presentation slides.

The New Advantage: Value of Clean® Webinar
This free webinar detailsthe exclusive new and improved Value of Clean tools specifically designed to provide ISSA members an even greater edge in the marketplace in 2013.

A Clean Approach to Flu Prevention
Presented by ISSA and IEHA, this free webinar featured a panel of science, health care, and cleaning experts who provided an overview of the current flu outbreak and how to manage and prevent its spread as flu season continues.

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CIRI training videos

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute

View a variety of educational videos and presentations on topics such as disinfection, sustainable hygiene practices, regulations and percetions, high fluid flow extraction and real world data, the application of dry steam vapor and microfiber, and more.

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Andersen Mat videos

Andersen Mat Web Training Modules

Includes Andersen Apps, Videos on Comfort Flow vs. Traditional, Cushion Max vs. PVC Foam, Educational Facilities, Entrance Mat Systems, Food Service, Healthcare Applications, Hog Heaven, Hospitality, Logo Mat Program, Matting Ergonomics, and more.

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green clean schools

Healthy Schools Campaign's Webinars

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Bobrick videos

Bobrick ADA Accessible Toilet Compartments Videos

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